Forged Crankshaft Subaru OEM Subaru EJ25 Models


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The Forged Crankshaft Subaru OEM for EJ25 models is a top-quality, engine-specific component. Made from forged steel, it optimizes torque, improves balance, and boosts overall performance. Its customization options and excellent durability make it a significant upgrade for any Subaru EJ25.

Forged Crankshaft Subaru OEM Subaru EJ25 Models

Enhance your Subaru EJ25’s performance with our Forged Crankshaft Subaru OEM. Designed specifically for EJ25 Models, this crankshaft boasts robust durability, precise balance, and improved torque output, offering a vital engine upgrade for performance-oriented drivers.


Specifications Details
Material Forged Steel
Engine Code Subaru EJ25
Length 480mm
Main Journal Diameter 60mm
Rod Journal Diameter 50mm
Stroke 79.0mm
Weight 14kg
Application Subaru EJ25 Models
Customizable Yes

Forged Crankshaft  Subaru OEM Subaru EJ25 Models drawing


  1. Forged Steel Material: Unparalleled strength and durability.
  2. Engine-specific Design: Tailored for Subaru EJ25 models.
  3. Enhanced Torque: Improved power transfer.
  4. Precision-balanced: Ensures smooth operation.
  5. Customizable: Alters to fit unique requirements.
  6. Resilient under High RPMs: Reliable even at extreme speeds.
  7. 480mm Length: Maximizes engine space utilization.
  8. 60mm Main Journal Diameter: Increased strength and stability.
  9. 50mm Rod Journal Diameter: Enhances performance.
  10. 79.0mm Stroke: Optimizes power output.
  11. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Maximized engine performance.
  12. 14kg Weight: Balanced for improved handling.
  13. Lower Vibration Levels: Ensures quiet engine operation.
  14. Heat-resistant: Withstands high temperature environments.
  15. Reduced Friction: Increases overall engine lifespan.
  16. Quality Assurance: Tested for ultimate reliability.
  17. Easy Installation: No specialized tools required.
  18. Long-lasting Performance: Provides enduring engine enhancement.
  19. Increased Horsepower: Boosts overall performance.
  20. Economic Investment: Long-term value for a performance upgrade.


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