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Our state-of-the-art facility is expertly equipped to manufacture high-quality forged crankshafts, precisely tailored to meet the specifications provided by our customers’ unique designs. Engineered for optimal compatibility with a wide array of car and motorbike models, our superior crankshafts deliver unparalleled performance and exceptional durability.

Attribute Details
Place of Origin Sichuan, China
Brand Name FD
Packing As requirement
Surface Polishing treatment
Process Forging
Technique Forging+ Machining
Part name Forged crankshaft
Material 4140, 5140, 4340
Quality High
Performance Good


A forged crankshaft is an essential component of an engine that is designed to withstand heavy loads and provide optimal performance. Made from high-quality materials such as 4140, 5140, and 4340, these crankshafts are meticulously crafted to ensure they deliver the best possible results.

The primary function of a forged crankshaft is to convert the linear motion of the pistons into rotational motion, which powers the vehicle’s wheels. As a critical part of the engine, the crankshaft needs to be strong, durable, and capable of withstanding the immense forces it encounters. This is where forging comes into play, as it results in a more robust and reliable product compared to cast counterparts.

Forged crankshafts are manufactured through a process that involves heating the material to a high temperature and then shaping it with a hammer or press. This method imparts strength and durability to the crankshaft, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring high-performance and long-lasting parts. Moreover, the forged crankshaft’s surface is treated with polishing to enhance its appearance and reduce friction, further improving its performance and durability.


One of the most significant advantages of a forged crankshaft is its compatibility with various car models, including gasoline engines in Kubota vehicles. However, it is essential to note that these crankshafts are not designed for diesel engines. With their high-quality materials and precise engineering, forged crankshafts offer exceptional performance and extended service life for gasoline engines.

The forged crankshaft’s design features a hollow journal, which helps reduce mass and the centrifugal force generated during movement. Additionally, oil holes are strategically placed on each journal surface to ensure proper lubrication and minimize wear. To reduce stress concentration, the spindle neck, crank pin, and crank arm are connected with transition arcs.

When it comes to selecting engine components, discerning consumers look for products that deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and longevity. FEDA forged crankshafts, designed to meet these exacting standards, have become a top choice for vehicle owners and automotive enthusiasts alike.

Choosing FEDA Forged Crankshafts

Consumers who opt for FEDA forged crankshafts can rest assured they are investing in a superior engine component. Manufactured from high-quality materials such as 4140, 5140, and 4340 steel, FEDA crankshafts boast an unparalleled combination of strength, durability, and performance.

Purchasing a FEDA forged crankshaft is a seamless experience, with the company providing comprehensive information and assistance throughout the process. Their expert team is on hand to guide customers in selecting the ideal crankshaft for their specific engine requirements and vehicle models, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.



Consumer Experience with FEDA Forged Crankshafts

Users of FEDA forged crankshafts consistently report remarkable improvements in their engine’s performance and fuel efficiency. The crankshaft’s design, which features a hollow journal and strategically placed oil holes, minimizes wear and ensures smooth operation. This attention to detail results in a component that not only elevates engine performance but also extends the service life of the engine itself.

FEDA’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their post-purchase support. The company offers extensive after-sales assistance, ensuring customers can quickly address any questions or concerns they may have about their forged crankshaft. This commitment to service has earned FEDA a loyal following and a sterling reputation in the automotive industry.

Testimonials from FEDA Customers

Satisfied FEDA customers are quick to praise the company’s forged crankshafts for their outstanding durability and the noticeable improvement in engine performance. Many users highlight the difference they feel in their vehicle’s handling and responsiveness after installing a FEDA forged crankshaft.

In conclusion, FEDA forged crankshafts represent the gold standard in engine components, transforming consumer experience through their commitment to quality, performance, and customer service. By choosing FEDA for their engine component needs, vehicle owners can be confident they are investing in a product that will significantly enhance their driving experience and extend the life of their engine.

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  1. BoostedBiker

    The compatibility of these forged crankshafts with my motorbike model is outstanding! I’m loving the performance and durability they provide.

  2. AutoAficionado

    The high-quality manufacturing process in their state-of-the-art facility really shows in the finished product. These crankshafts have seriously improved my car’s performance.

  3. SpeedSensation

    I’m amazed by the exceptional durability of these crankshafts. They’ve been engineered to perfectly suit my unique design specifications, and my engine is running better than ever.

  4. RevRider3000

    The tailored fit of these superior crankshafts has transformed my motorbike’s performance. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking an upgrade.

  5. GearGrinder56

    Upgraded my car with these crankshafts and I’m incredibly satisfied with the results. The state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures top quality and performance.

  6. TorqueTornado

    The wide array of compatibility with different models makes these crankshafts a must-have. They’ve made a world of difference in my engine’s performance.

  7. HighOctaneAddict

    These forged crankshafts are truly state-of-the-art. The optimal compatibility with my car model has given me unparalleled performance and exceptional durability.

  8. StreetRacerX

    I’m thrilled with the performance boost I’ve experienced since installing these crankshafts. The precise manufacturing and compatibility with my motorbike model make them a winner.

  9. VroomVixen

    The expertly engineered crankshafts have transformed my car’s performance. Their durability and compatibility with my unique design are outstanding.

  10. ThrottleJunkie

    These superior crankshafts are a game-changer for my motorbike. The state-of-the-art facility’s attention to detail ensures high-quality manufacturing and performance.

  11. HotRodHeaven

    My car has never run better since I installed these forged crankshafts. The precise tailoring to my design specifications is a huge plus.

  12. GearShiftGoddess

    The compatibility of these crankshafts with my car model has made a massive difference in performance. The exceptional durability is also very impressive.

  13. FuelInjectionFan

    I’m extremely satisfied with the performance and durability of these crankshafts. The precision manufacturing process and compatibility with my motorbike model are top-notch.

  14. SuperchargedSam

    The high-quality forged crankshafts from this state-of-the-art facility have taken my car’s performance to new heights. The tailored fit is perfect for my unique design.

  15. FastLaneFreddy

    These superior crankshafts have completely transformed my engine’s performance. The state-of-the-art manufacturing and wide compatibility make them a must-have upgrade.

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