Crankshaft Honda/Acura B18c Vtec


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The Crankshaft for Honda/Acura B18c Vtec, crafted from high-grade alloy steel, is a premium automotive part. It enhances power output and torque in B18c Vtec engines, reduces vibrations for smooth operation, and is customizable in length for a perfect fit.

Crankshaft Honda/Acura B18c Vtec

The Crankshaft for Honda/Acura B18c Vtec is a premium-quality part, meticulously designed for enhanced vehicle performance. Engineered from robust materials, this crankshaft optimizes the power and torque in the B18c Vtec engine.


Specification Details
Material High-grade alloy steel
Engine Model B18c Vtec
Diameter of Main Journal 55mm
Diameter of Rod Journal 45mm
Total Length 450mm
Weight 16 kg
Customizability Available

Crankshaft Honda/Acura B18c Vtec drawing


  1. Enhanced Durability: Crafted from high-grade alloy steel, ensuring exceptional longevity.
  2. Engine Compatibility: Specifically designed for B18c Vtec engines.
  3. Improved Torque: Optimizes torque delivery for impressive vehicle power.
  4. Increased Power Output: Contributes to enhanced power generation.
  5. Precision Machining: Guarantees a perfect fit and seamless installation.
  6. Balanced Design: Ensures reduced engine vibration for smoother operation.
  7. Heat Resistant: Can withstand high temperatures, enhancing performance.
  8. Optimized Lubrication: Design promotes superior oil flow.
  9. Lightweight: Weighing just 16kg, reduces rotational mass.
  10. Customizable Length: Available in custom lengths up to 450mm.
  11. Stress Tested: Proven resilience under high pressure and RPM.
  12. High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Provides optimum performance without adding unnecessary weight.
  13. Corrosion Resistant: Alloy material resists rust and corrosion.
  14. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Can contribute to more efficient fuel usage.
  15. Robust Construction: Ensures reliability and high resistance to wear.
  16. Reduced Friction: Designed for minimal friction, enhancing engine lifespan.
  17. Tight Tolerances: Machined to precise specifications for optimal performance.
  18. Outstanding Rigidity: Minimizes flex for improved crankshaft stability.
  19. Uniform Load Distribution: Reduces bearing stress for improved durability.
  20. Quality Assurance: Each unit is inspected for quality assurance before shipping.


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