Crankshaft Chevy Small Block 3.300″ Stroke


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The Crankshaft Chevy Small Block 3.300″ Stroke, from FEDA, enhances your engine’s performance with its precise design and robust material. It boosts torque, improves acceleration, and offers great durability. Customizable dimensions and compatibility with Chevy Small Block engines make it an optimal choice.

Crankshaft Chevy Small Block 3.300″ Stroke

The Crankshaft Chevy Small Block 3.300″ Stroke from FEDA is an integral component of the Chevy engine. Skillfully designed for precision performance, this crankshaft ensures enhanced torque, improved acceleration, and durability in demanding environments.


Specifications Details
Material Forged/Billet Crankshaft
Engine Compatibility Chevy Small Block
Stroke 3.300″
Customizable Dimensions Yes
Brand FEDA

All dimensions can be customized according to customer requirements.

Crankshaft Chevy Small Block 3.300″ Stroke drawing


  1. Robust Material: Crafted from both forged and billet materials, ensuring strength and resilience.
  2. Engine Compatibility: Perfectly fits Chevy Small Block engines for seamless performance.
  3. 3.300″ Stroke: Designed with a stroke of 3.300″ for efficient operation.
  4. Customizable Dimensions: Offers customizable dimensions to cater to specific requirements.
  5. FEDA Brand Quality: A testament to FEDA’s commitment to excellence and quality engineering.
  6. Optimized Performance: Improves engine performance by boosting torque and acceleration.
  7. Enhanced Durability: Its robust construction enhances durability, extending the engine’s lifespan.
  8. Precision Design: Skillfully crafted for precision, ensuring flawless engine operation.
  9. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from street to racing cars.
  10. Reliability: Dependable choice for your Chevy Small Block engine.
  11. Superior Balance: Excellent balance due to meticulous production processes.
  12. Increased Efficiency: Helps improve the overall efficiency of your vehicle’s engine.
  13. Professional Standard: Made to the highest standards, ensuring professional performance.
  14. High-Torque Capacity: Possesses a high-torque capacity to handle demanding situations.
  15. Smooth Operation: Contributes to a smoother and quieter engine operation.
  16. Heat Resistant: Can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for high-performance applications.
  17. Reduced Vibration: Helps reduce engine vibration for a smoother ride.
  18. Long Life Span: Built to last, providing reliable service over an extended period.
  19. Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation, saving you time and effort.
  20. Maintenance Friendly: Simple to maintain, keeping your engine in optimal condition.


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