Crankshaft BMW M3 S14B20 Stroker


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The Crankshaft BMW M3 S14B20 Stroker, by FEDA, is a high-quality automotive component. It improves engine power and responsiveness, designed specifically for the BMW M3 S14B20 engine. Available in both forged and billet materials, it ensures durability and offers customizable dimensions for optimum performance.

Crankshaft BMW M3 S14B20 Stroker

Introducing the Crankshaft BMW M3 S14B20 Stroker by FEDA, a sophisticated piece of machinery designed for peak performance. Expertly engineered, this crankshaft is an exceptional choice for those seeking enhanced engine responsiveness and improved power output. It’s available in both forged and billet crankshaft materials, offering superior strength and durability.


Parameter Details
Brand FEDA
Product Crankshaft BMW M3 S14B20 Stroker
Application BMW M3 S14B20 engine
Materials Forged and Billet Crankshaft
Standard Stroke 89.6 mm
Standard Rod Length 144.3 mm
Customization Available
Engine Code S14B20

All dimensions can be customized according to customer requirements.

Crankshaft BMW M3 S14B20 Stroker drawing


  1. Improved Power Output: Experience a notable increase in your engine’s horsepower with our precisely crafted crankshaft.
  2. Enhanced Responsiveness: Designed for superior responsiveness, ensuring an unrivaled driving experience.
  3. Superior Materials: Available in both forged and billet materials, guaranteeing durability and strength.
  4. Engine Compatibility: Engineered specifically for BMW M3 S14B20 engines.
  5. Durable Design: Robust construction ensures the crankshaft’s longevity.
  6. Precision Engineering: Accurate to the last millimeter for perfect fit and function.
  7. Customizable Dimensions: Tailor the stroke and rod length to your specific needs.
  8. Uncompromising Quality: Adheres to FEDA’s strict quality standards.
  9. Optimized Performance: Ensures optimum engine functionality at all times.
  10. Increased Torque: Boosts your engine’s torque, improving acceleration.
  11. Balanced Weight Distribution: Ensures smoother engine operation and reduced vibration.
  12. Resistant to Wear: Superior materials ensure excellent wear resistance.
  13. Thermal Stability: Withstands high engine temperatures, maintaining performance.
  14. Corrosion Resistant: The materials used are resistant to rust and corrosion.
  15. High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Designed to provide strength without added weight.
  16. Streamlined Installation: Precision engineering enables an easy and quick installation process.
  17. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Enhances the engine’s fuel efficiency by optimizing the power output.
  18. Reliability: FEDA’s crankshaft offers consistent performance over its lifespan.
  19. Environmentally Friendly: Built to minimize emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  20. After-Sales Support: FEDA offers comprehensive after-sales service and support.


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