Connecting Rod Toyota Supra 2JZ HD Series


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The Connecting Rod for Toyota Supra 2JZ HD Series is a premium component engineered for high performance. Made from high-strength alloy steel, it offers unparalleled durability and wear resistance. This customizable rod ensures optimal alignment in 2JZ engines and boasts a lightweight design, improved balance, and heat resistance for peak efficiency.

Connecting Rod Toyota Supra 2JZ HD Series

The Connecting Rod for Toyota Supra 2JZ HD Series is a top-tier component meticulously crafted for high-performance applications. It is engineered with precision to guarantee excellent strength, durability, and compatibility, offering an upgraded connection between the piston and crankshaft.


Specification Details
Size Customizable
Material High-strength Alloy Steel
Engine Compatibility 2JZ
Length 142 mm
Big End Diameter 55 mm
Small End Diameter 22 mm
Weight Approx. 600 grams

Connecting Rod Toyota Supra 2JZ HD Series drawing


  1. Customizable Dimensions: Allows for tailored specifications, accommodating different engine setups.
  2. High-strength Alloy Steel Material: Provides superior durability and resistance to wear.
  3. Precision-engineered: Guarantees optimal performance and compatibility with 2JZ engines.
  4. 142mm Length: Ensures the perfect alignment of the crankshaft and pistons.
  5. 55mm Big End Diameter: Allows for improved stress distribution.
  6. 22mm Small End Diameter: Optimized for a seamless fit with the piston pin.
  7. Approx. 600 grams Weight: Lightweight design for improved engine efficiency.
  8. Enhanced Durability: Offers increased lifespan over standard connecting rods.
  9. Performance Enhancement: Maximizes engine output and efficiency.
  10. Optimized Balance: Improves the engine’s rotational balance, leading to smoother operation.
  11. Heat Resistance: Withstands extreme temperatures without compromising performance.
  12. Increased Torque Capability: Enables the engine to handle high levels of torque.
  13. Superior Finish: Minimizes friction and facilitates smoother engine operation.
  14. Crack-resistant Design: Ensures robust performance even under high stress.
  15. High Load Tolerance: Can handle extreme engine speeds and pressures.
  16. Easy Installation: Designed for a hassle-free setup process.
  17. Economic Performance: Reduces fuel consumption through optimized engine operation.
  18. Reduced Engine Vibration: Helps in maintaining engine stability.
  19. Reliability: Provides consistent, dependable performance.
  20. Compatibility: Perfectly tailored for Toyota Supra 2JZ HD Series engines.


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