Connecting Rod Toyota Starlet 1.5L 5EF


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The Connecting Rod for Toyota Starlet 1.5L 5EF is a premium engine component, specifically designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your engine. Made from robust forged 4340 steel, it ensures a powerful connection between the piston and crankshaft. This rod is customizable and offers superior stability, reduced friction, and efficient power transmission.

Connecting Rod Toyota Starlet 1.5L 5EF

The Connecting Rod for Toyota Starlet 1.5L 5EF is a finely crafted component, ensuring a seamless and powerful connection between the piston and crankshaft. Manufactured to precise standards, this component boosts engine performance, delivering robust and long-lasting service.


Parameter Value
Length 150 mm
Big End Diameter 54 mm
Small End Diameter 22 mm
Big End Width 25 mm
Small End Width 22 mm
Weight 650 g

*Please note that custom dimensions can be made upon request.

Connecting Rod Toyota Starlet 1.5L 5EF drawing


  1. High-quality Material: Made with forged 4340 steel for superior strength.
  2. Fine Workmanship: Precision machined for a perfect fit.
  3. Optimal Weight: Designed at 650g to ensure balance and performance.
  4. Improved Durability: Heat-treated for increased longevity.
  5. Engine Compatibility: Perfectly suits Toyota Starlet 1.5L 5EF engines.
  6. Customizable Dimensions: Can be tailored to specific size requirements.
  7. Large Big End Diameter: At 54mm, ensuring improved stability.
  8. Compact Small End Diameter: 22mm diameter for effective piston connectivity.
  9. Stress Resistance: Designed to withstand high levels of stress.
  10. Enhanced Performance: Contributes to increased engine output.
  11. Perfect Fit: Exact fit, thanks to precision measurements.
  12. Increased Torque: Promotes more efficient power transmission.
  13. Reduced Friction: Minimizes engine wear and tear.
  14. Long-Lasting Service: Delivers reliable and durable performance.
  15. Easy Installation: Simple and hassle-free assembly process.
  16. Smooth Operation: Ensures seamless engine functioning.
  17. Economic Fuel Consumption: Supports efficient fuel use.
  18. Environmentally Friendly: Contributes to reduced engine emissions.
  19. Cooling Feature: Reduces operating temperature, improving lifespan.
  20. Corrosion Resistance: Crafted to resist oxidation and rust.


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