I-Beam Connecting Rod Mitsubishi 4G63


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An epitome of performance and durability, the I-Beam Connecting Rod for Mitsubishi 4G63 is expertly designed using high-quality forged 4340 steel. Precision-machined, these rods are tailored to withstand high performance demands, ensuring optimum power transfer and prolonged engine life. The enhanced dimensional stability, weight optimization, and close tolerances make it a preferred choice for race and street applications.


  1. High-Quality Material: Made from heat-treated, high-quality forged 4340 steel.
  2. Superior Strength: Endures up to 600-800 HP.
  3. Precision Design: CNC machined for precision fit and finish.
  4. Robust I-Beam: Ensures high load-carrying capacity.
  5. Weight Optimization: Balanced for weight within +/- 1 gram per set.
  6. Fitment Accuracy: Fitment size within +/- .0001 inch.
  7. Enhanced Durability: Designed for extended engine life and performance.
  8. Improved Lubrication: Features bronze wrist pin bushings for enhanced lubrication.
  9. Performance Efficiency: Promotes increased engine efficiency.
  10. Tight Tolerance: Exhibits close tolerance in bore size within +/- .0002 inch.
  11. Dimensionally Accurate: Conrod length measures precisely 150mm.
  12. Improved Stress Resistance: Features 3/8″ ARP 2000 bolts for improved stress resistance.
  13. Dimensional Stability: Exhibits exceptional rod journal size stability.
  14. Maximized Performance: Optimized for high RPM operations.
  15. Hardened Surface: Shot-peened to enhance surface hardness.
  16. Quality Assurance: Each rod is multi-stage heat-treated.
  17. Durable Construction: Capable of withstanding rigorous racing conditions.
  18. Consistent Performance: Provides consistent, reliable performance across all engine speeds.
  19. Efficient Power Transfer: Ensures maximum power transfer from piston to crankshaft.
  20. Easy Installation: Provides hassle-free installation with perfect fitment.


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