Crankshaft Holden V8 308 304 5.0L


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The Crankshaft for Holden V8 308 304 5.0L is a precision-engineered part made from high-strength forged steel. It provides smooth operation, efficient force translation, and is customizable for different engine configurations. Its balanced design ensures reduced vibration and improved performance.

Crankshaft Holden V8 308 304 5.0L

The Crankshaft for Holden V8 308 304 5.0L is a high-quality, precision-engineered component designed to deliver optimal performance. This robust part ensures the smooth operation of the engine, translating linear motion into rotational force efficiently.


Parameters Details
Material High-strength Forged Steel
Dimensions Customizable
Applicable Engines Holden V8 308, 304, 5.0L
Weight 18 kg (approx.)
Main Journal Diameter 63.5 mm
Rod Journal Diameter 51.6 mm
Stroke 77.7 mm

Note: Custom sizes can be produced according to customer requirements.

Crankshaft Holden V8 308 304 5.0L drawing


  1. Precision-engineered for the Holden V8 308, 304, 5.0L engines.
  2. High-strength forged steel ensures superior durability.
  3. Customizable dimensions to suit different engine configurations.
  4. Smooth operation, reducing friction and improving engine efficiency.
  5. Balanced design minimizes vibrations, ensuring quieter operation.
  6. Polished surfaces decrease wear and tear on other engine components.
  7. Tough construction to withstand extreme operating conditions.
  8. Optimized stroke (77.7mm) enhances engine power and torque.
  9. Main journal diameter of 63.5mm ensuring perfect alignment.
  10. Rod journal diameter of 51.6mm guarantees solid connection to rods.
  11. Lightweight design (18kg) for enhanced engine performance.
  12. Resistant to heat and corrosion for extended product life.
  13. Easy installation due to precision manufacturing.
  14. Low maintenance requirement, saving time and resources.
  15. Improved fuel efficiency due to effective force translation.
  16. Superior sealing preventing oil leaks and improving engine health.
  17. Increased engine lifespan as a result of reduced internal wear.
  18. High rotational speeds can be achieved for improved engine output.
  19. Resilient to sudden load changes, ensuring stable engine performance.
  20. Proven performance in both racing and daily driving conditions.


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