Crankshaft Ford 2.0L 16v Cosworth


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The FEDA Crankshaft for Ford 2.0L 16v Cosworth is a high-performance engine component, expertly engineered for optimal power and torque. Available in forged and billet variants, it offers customization, excellent durability, and is compatible with Ford 2.0L 16v Cosworth engines.

Crankshaft Ford 2.0L 16v Cosworth

Introducing the FEDA Crankshaft for the Ford 2.0L 16v Cosworth. Precision engineered for performance, this high-quality crankshaft is designed to optimize engine power and torque. This crankshaft is the heart of your engine, meticulously crafted to meet or exceed original equipment standards. FEDA offers two types of this crankshaft: forged and billet, ensuring suitability for various applications.


Dimension/Feature Details
Engine Type Ford 2.0L 16v Cosworth
Material Forged/Billet Crankshaft
Customization Available
Brand FEDA
Engine Code (Please input specific engine code)
Main Journal Diameter (Please input diameter in mm)
Rod Journal Diameter (Please input diameter in mm)
Stroke (Please input stroke length in mm)

All dimensions can be customized according to customer requirements.

Crankshaft Ford 2.0L 16v Cosworth drawing


  1. Enhanced Durability: Forged/billet material extends the lifespan of the crankshaft.
  2. Precision Engineering: Expertly machined for optimal fit and function.
  3. Performance-Boosting: Improves overall engine power and torque.
  4. Customizable: Allows for modifications to fit specific needs.
  5. OE Standards: Meets or exceeds original equipment standards.
  6. Versatility: Offered in both forged and billet options.
  7. Reliability: Designed to withstand the harshest of conditions.
  8. Brand Confidence: Quality assured by FEDA.
  9. Optimized Balance: Reduces engine vibration for smoother operation.
  10. Superior Craftsmanship: Ensures longevity and peak performance.
  11. Rigorous Testing: Each unit undergoes stringent quality tests.
  12. Engine Compatibility: Fits Ford 2.0L 16v Cosworth engines.
  13. Improved Efficiency: Reduces energy losses, increasing fuel economy.
  14. Innovative Design: Incorporates advanced engineering techniques.
  15. Environmentally Friendly: Reduces emissions, supporting a greener planet.
  16. Easy Installation: Designed for seamless integration with the engine.
  17. High-Torque Tolerance: Effectively handles high power output.
  18. Dimensional Accuracy: Precise measurements for an ideal fit.
  19. Heat Resistance: Withstands high operating temperatures.
  20. Extended Warranty: Backed by FEDA‘s comprehensive warranty.


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