Crankshaft BMW 2.3L M3 S14B23


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The Crankshaft for BMW 2.3L M3 S14B23 is a high-performance engine component, ensuring smooth power transmission. You can customize its dimensions to fit specific builds. You also have a choice between durable forged or billet materials. It elevates your engine’s performance and lifespan.

Crankshaft BMW 2.3L M3 S14B23

Introducing the Crankshaft for the BMW 2.3L M3 S14B23, a high-performance integral part designed to ensure seamless power transmission. Crafted with attention to detail, this crankshaft guarantees durability, stability, and optimal performance, suitable for a variety of engine rebuilds or upgrades.


Specification Description
Material Forged/Billet Crankshaft
Application BMW 2.3L M3 S14B23
Engine Number S14B23
Dimension – Length Customizable
Dimension – Diameter Customizable
Dimension – Stroke Customizable

Crankshaft BMW 2.3L M3 S14B23 drawing


  1. Customizable Dimensions: Tailor your crankshaft to fit any specific build or requirement.
  2. Superior Material Quality: Choose between high-grade forged or billet crankshaft.
  3. Improved Power Delivery: Designed for efficient power transmission.
  4. Extended Durability: Resists wear and tear for prolonged service life.
  5. Optimal Stability: Reduces vibration for smoother operation.
  6. Engine Compatibility: Perfectly suited for BMW 2.3L M3 S14B23 engines.
  7. Precision Engineered: Manufactured for exact fit and function.
  8. Enhanced Performance: Elevates the overall performance of your engine.
  9. Heat Resistance: Capable of withstanding high temperature conditions.
  10. Engine Efficiency: Helps optimize engine efficiency and fuel economy.
  11. Optimal Balance: Precision balanced for smooth and efficient operation.
  12. Quality Assurance: Thoroughly tested to meet or exceed industry standards.
  13. Engine Safety: Helps prevent potential engine damage.
  14. High Torque Capacity: Able to handle high levels of torque.
  15. Corrosion Resistance: Enhanced resistance to rust and corrosion.
  16. High Load-Bearing Capacity: Can withstand heavy loads without deformation.
  17. Easy Installation: Engineered for easy, hassle-free installation.
  18. Less Friction: Designed to reduce friction for better performance.
  19. Improved Engine Response: Enhances throttle response for a more responsive ride.
  20. Extended Engine Life: Assists in prolonging your engine’s lifespan.


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