Crankshaft 4340 Nissan SR20


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The Crankshaft 4340 for Nissan SR20 is a high-quality component made of durable 4340 Chromoly Steel. It enhances your vehicle’s engine performance by increasing torque and horsepower. With a customizable dimension, this crankshaft provides a robust, efficient, and reliable solution for Nissan SR20 engines.

Crankshaft 4340 Nissan SR20

Enhance your vehicle’s performance with the Crankshaft 4340 for Nissan SR20. Crafted with high-quality 4340 Chromoly Steel, it ensures robustness and durability, extending your engine’s lifespan. This crankshaft increases torque and horsepower, delivering superior efficiency and reliability.


Specification Details
Material 4340 Chromoly Steel
Engine Model Nissan SR20
Crankshaft Length 500mm
Main Journal Diameter 55mm
Rod Journal Diameter 48mm
Crankshaft Weight 14kg
Customizable Dimension Yes

Crankshaft  drawing


  1. Exceptional Durability: The crankshaft is made of 4340 Chromoly Steel, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  2. Engine Compatibility: Specifically designed for Nissan SR20 engines.
  3. Customizable Dimensions: The crankshaft length can be adjusted to fit specific engine requirements.
  4. Improved Horsepower: Optimizes engine performance, delivering an increased horsepower output.
  5. Enhanced Torque: Significantly boosts the engine torque for improved vehicle power.
  6. Robust Construction: Provides high resistance against stress and wear.
  7. Efficiency Improvement: It allows for better fuel efficiency.
  8. Easy Installation: Designed for quick and hassle-free installation.
  9. Weight Advantage: At 14kg, it ensures the right balance and response.
  10. Precise Fit: Its main journal diameter of 55mm and rod journal diameter of 48mm guarantees a precise fit.
  11. Stress Resistance: Withstands high rotational speeds without deformation.
  12. Heat Tolerance: Features excellent heat dissipation properties.
  13. Optimized Design: The crankshaft’s design aids in reducing vibrations.
  14. Rust Resistance: Its high-quality material prevents rust and corrosion.
  15. Enhanced Performance: Ideal for upgrading your vehicle’s performance.
  16. Cost-effective: Long lifespan reduces replacement costs.
  17. Increased Compression Ratio: Improves combustion efficiency.
  18. Perfect Balance: Minimizes engine vibrations for a smoother ride.
  19. Proven Reliability: Trusted by vehicle enthusiasts and professionals alike.
  20. Exceptional Finishing: The sleek design and finishing make it a stylish addition to your engine.


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