Connecting Rod Watercraft Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/400


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The Connecting Rod for Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/400 watercrafts is a robust, high-performance engine component. It is crafted from premium alloy steel for superior strength and durability. The part enhances engine efficiency and boosts horsepower, ensuring optimal performance. With a customizable size and weight of 600g, it’s an excellent choice for your watercraft needs.

Connecting Rod Watercraft Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/400

Experience the robust, high-performance Connecting Rod for Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/400 watercrafts. Made for durability and to withstand demanding marine environments, this component enhances engine efficiency and improves horsepower output, ensuring your watercraft runs smoothly and at optimal performance.


Parameter Description
Material Premium-grade alloy steel
Dimensions 150mm x 40mm (customizable)
Application Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/400 watercrafts
Engine Number Compatibility KAW01, KAW02, KAW03
Weight 600g

Connecting Rod drawing


  1. High Strength: Engineered with premium alloy steel, ensuring strength and longevity.
  2. Precision Crafted: Delivers precise engine fit for Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/400 series.
  3. Optimized Design: Created for maximum horsepower output and performance.
  4. Customizable Size: Ability to adapt dimensions to specific needs.
  5. Lightweight: At only 600g, it promotes better engine efficiency.
  6. Heat Resistant: Withstands extreme temperatures within the engine block.
  7. Corrosion Resistant: Its alloy composition prevents rusting and corrosion.
  8. Smooth Operation: Minimizes friction for smoother engine operations.
  9. Enhanced Durability: Robust construction resists wear and tear.
  10. Improved Performance: Provides a noticeable boost in watercraft speed and agility.
  11. Easy Installation: Designed for a hassle-free installation process.
  12. Stress Tested: Certified to endure high levels of mechanical stress.
  13. Efficiency Boost: Helps improve overall fuel efficiency of the watercraft.
  14. Vibration Absorbent: Reduces operational noise and vibration.
  15. Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for engine numbers KAW01, KAW02, KAW03.
  16. Quality Assurance: Undergoes rigorous quality checks to guarantee performance.
  17. Safe Operation: Complies with marine safety standards for peace of mind.
  18. Proven Reliability: Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike.
  19. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: Produced following environmentally responsible practices.
  20. Cost-Effective: A small investment for a large performance gain.


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