Connecting Rod VW 2.0L 16v ABF 159mm x 21mm


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The Connecting Rod VW 2.0L 16v ABF 159mm x 21mm is an essential engine component for Volkswagen vehicles, specifically designed for superior performance and durability. With its 159mm length and 21mm diameter, this high-strength steel rod ensures optimal alignment and motion. Its design fits the ABF engine seamlessly, and the product also offers customization options for precise requirements.

Connecting Rod VW 2.0L 16v ABF 159mm x 21mm

The Connecting Rod VW 2.0L 16v ABF 159mm x 21mm is a meticulously engineered component specifically designed to enhance the engine performance of Volkswagen vehicles. Manufactured using high-quality materials, this connecting rod ensures superior mechanical strength, optimum resistance to fatigue and a seamless fit.


Aspect Specification
Length 159mm
Diameter 21mm
Material High-strength steel
Customizability Available
Applicable Engine Code ABF
Applicable Car Model VW 2.0L 16v

Connecting Rod drawing


  1. Optimum Length: The 159mm length ensures optimal piston alignment and motion.
  2. Ideal Diameter: At 21mm, the diameter is crafted for an ideal fit and enhanced performance.
  3. High-Strength Steel: The use of high-strength steel guarantees robustness and longevity.
  4. Engine-Specific Design: Designed for the ABF engine code, ensuring a seamless fit for VW 2.0L 16v.
  5. Customizability: Offers the flexibility of customization for specific requirements.
  6. Fatigue Resistance: Crafted to withstand high stress and resist fatigue.
  7. Enhanced Engine Performance: Guarantees improved performance and efficiency.
  8. Precision Engineering: Precision engineered for optimal power transfer.
  9. Heat Resistance: Can withstand high temperatures, ensuring durability.
  10. Wear Resistance: Exceptional wear resistance for longer service life.
  11. Corrosion Resistance: Crafted to resist corrosion, ensuring extended product life.
  12. Light Weight: Reduced weight helps to minimize engine load.
  13. Improved Lubrication: Designed for optimal lubrication to reduce friction.
  14. Stress Tested: Rigorously stress-tested for top performance under high-pressure conditions.
  15. Boosted Torque: Improves torque for better acceleration.
  16. Increased Power: Contributes to the increased power output of the engine.
  17. Noise Reduction: Designed to operate quietly for a smoother ride.
  18. Vibration Dampening: Effective in reducing engine vibration for a comfortable ride.
  19. Environmentally Friendly: Manufactured using eco-friendly processes.
  20. Value for Money: Provides superior performance at a competitive price.


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