Connecting Rod Volvo 2.8L 24v B6284 (S80)


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The Connecting Rod Volvo 2.8L 24v B6284 (S80) is a high-quality engine component for Volvo S80 2.8L 24v B6284 engines. Made from premium steel, it boosts engine performance and durability. Its design ensures precise piston movement, improving efficiency. With customizable dimensions, it offers a perfect fit for different engine configurations.

Connecting Rod Volvo 2.8L 24v B6284 (S80)

The Connecting Rod Volvo 2.8L 24v B6284 (S80) is a top-notch engine component designed for the Volvo S80 2.8L 24v B6284 engine. Made with premium quality material, this connecting rod guarantees enhanced performance, durability, and precision. Offering a customized fit, it contributes significantly to the overall power output and efficiency of the engine.


Specification Description
Application Volvo S80 2.8L 24v B6284
Material High-quality Steel
Length 150 mm (Customizable)
Diameter 55 mm (Customizable)
Small end bore 24 mm
Big end bore 55 mm
Weight 650 g

Connecting Rod drawing


  1. Enhanced Performance: Specifically designed for the Volvo S80 2.8L 24v B6284, offering optimized performance.
  2. Quality Material: Made with high-quality steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
  3. Precision Engineered: Guarantees precise piston movement, promoting overall engine efficiency.
  4. Customizable Dimensions: Provides an option for customized lengths and diameters, accommodating different engine configurations.
  5. Improved Durability: Sturdy design contributes to enhanced engine lifespan.
  6. High Load Tolerance: Able to withstand high-pressure combustion processes, ensuring reliable engine operation.
  7. Improved Power Output: Contributes to better power transfer from the piston to the crankshaft.
  8. Balanced Weight: At 650g, it’s designed for balanced operation, reducing engine vibrations.
  9. Resistant to Fatigue: Made to resist stress and fatigue, ensuring steady performance under prolonged use.
  10. Superior Heat Dissipation: Engineered to efficiently dissipate heat, reducing engine overheating.
  11. Seamless Integration: Fits perfectly within the existing engine architecture.
  12. Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward assembly, reducing downtime during replacements.
  13. Efficient Fuel Combustion: Helps in ensuring efficient fuel utilization.
  14. Minimal Noise Operation: Engineered to operate smoothly, reducing engine noise.
  15. Stress Tested: Rigorously tested for stress resistance, validating its durability.
  16. Enhanced Lubrication: Designed to facilitate improved lubrication, decreasing wear and friction.
  17. Rigidity: Provides the necessary rigidity to maintain the alignment of the piston and crankshaft.
  18. Optimized Design: Streamlined design for better aerodynamics within the engine.
  19. Engine Compatibility: Specific to Volvo S80 2.8L 24v B6284 engine, ensuring compatibility and optimum performance.
  20. Reduced Engine Wear: By maintaining precise piston movement, it minimizes engine wear and tear.


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