Connecting Rod Subaru 3.3L EG33 6-Cyl.


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The Connecting Rod for Subaru 3.3L EG33 6-Cylinder engine is a high-strength component designed to ensure smooth power transmission. It’s precision-engineered, rust-resistant, and made to reduce vibrations. Its optimal weight and heat tolerance contribute to superior performance and improved fuel efficiency. With customization options available, it offers a perfect fit for your specific engine needs.


The Connecting Rod Subaru 3.3L EG33 6-Cyl. is a crucial part of Subaru’s powertrain assembly, ensuring robust performance and smooth transitions in your engine. Crafted with precision and rigor, this component excels in power transfer from the piston to the crankshaft, giving your Subaru EG33 the power it needs.


  1. Precision Engineered: Crafted for Subaru’s 3.3L EG33 engines, offering tight tolerance levels.
  2. High Strength: Made of robust materials to withstand high pressure and temperature.
  3. Optimal Weight: Weighs just right to ensure a balance between strength and performance.
  4. Long-Lasting Durability: Proven longevity even under high RPM conditions.
  5. Rust-Resistant: Coated with rust-resistant material to increase lifespan.
  6. Reduced Vibration: Designed to minimize vibration, thus improving ride comfort.
  7. Superior Performance: Facilitates smooth power transmission, ensuring superior engine performance.
  8. Direct Replacement: Specifically designed for easy installation, replacing old or damaged rods.
  9. Quality Assured: Meets or exceeds OEM specifications for reliability and performance.
  10. High-Torque Endurance: Proven to withstand high levels of torque without deformation.
  11. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Optimized design to promote better fuel efficiency.
  12. Heat Tolerant: Able to withstand extreme heat conditions within the engine.
  13. Perfect Fit: Precision machined to fit your Subaru EG33 engine perfectly.
  14. Extended Lifespan: Ensures extended engine lifespan through reduced wear and tear.
  15. Enhanced Stability: Offers stability even at high engine speeds.
  16. Customizable Dimensions: Provides option for dimension customization as per your engine requirements.
  17. Consistent Performance: Delivers consistent power output, improving your vehicle’s drivability.
  18. Rigorous Testing: Passes stringent quality and performance tests.
  19. Environmentally Friendly: Manufactured using eco-friendly processes and materials.
  20. Customer Support: Excellent customer service and support post-purchase.

Connecting Rod Subaru 3.3L EG33 6-Cyl. drawing


Dimension Size (mm)
Length 147.5
Big End Diameter 55.0
Small End Diameter 22.0
Big End Width 26.8
Small End Width 22.0

Note: The above dimensions are standard, but we offer customization options to meet specific engine requirements.


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