Connecting Rod Nissan RB28


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The Connecting Rod for Nissan RB28 is a precision-engineered, high-performance part designed to enhance engine efficiency. It is constructed from robust, high-grade alloy steel for durability and strength. It is weight-optimized, heat-treated, and rust-resistant, and it has a fracture split design for structural integrity. It delivers efficient power transfer, and comes with an option for dimension customization.


The Connecting Rod for Nissan RB28 is a high-performance component designed for optimal engine efficiency. Engineered with precision, this robust part offers unparalleled strength, leading to enhanced vehicle performance and endurance.


  1. High Strength Material: Made from high-grade alloy steel, ensuring exceptional strength and durability.
  2. Precision Engineering: Accurately machined to fit Nissan RB28 engines, providing optimal performance.
  3. Weight Optimized: The rod is weight-optimized, allowing better engine balance and speed.
  4. Endurance Tested: Proven to withstand high RPM levels, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  5. Heat Treated: Undergoes a specialized heat treatment for increased hardness and toughness.
  6. Rust Resistant: Treated to resist corrosion, enhancing its lifespan and reliability.
  7. Direct Replacement: Direct fit replacement for stock rods, ensuring easy installation.
  8. Quality Inspected: Every rod is inspected for quality assurance, maintaining high standards.
  9. Improved Lubrication: Features oiling holes for enhanced lubrication and lower friction.
  10. Fracture Split Design: This design improves the structural integrity and performance of the rod.
  11. Lightweight Construction: Minimizes rotational mass for improved engine responsiveness.
  12. Enhanced Bearing Surface: Ensures smoother operation and reduces wear.
  13. Dimensionally Accurate: Precision machined for perfect alignment and fit.
  14. High Torque Tolerance: Capable of handling high levels of torque, boosting performance.
  15. Fatigue Resistant: Engineered to resist fatigue under repeated stress cycles.
  16. Efficient Power Transfer: Allows for efficient transfer of power from the piston to the crankshaft.
  17. Noise Reduction: The precise fit reduces unwanted engine noise.
  18. Performance Improvement: Enhances the overall engine performance, power, and efficiency.
  19. Dimension Customization: Available in custom sizes to meet unique requirements.
  20. Durability Assurance: Each rod is designed for long-lasting use under tough conditions.

Connecting Rod Nissan RB28 drawing

Product Specification

Aspect Dimension (mm)
Length 150
Big End Diameter 55
Small End Diameter 22
Big End Width 26
Small End Width 26

Please note that the dimensions provided above are examples. The Connecting Rod for Nissan RB28 can be customized according to your specific needs.


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