Connecting Rod Nissan RB26 / RB25 Skyline


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The Connecting Rod for Nissan RB26/RB25 Skyline, made from high-strength forged steel, delivers exceptional performance for your engine. Its precision-engineered design offers balanced operation, superior endurance, and optimizes piston movement. Easy to install, it fits perfectly in Nissan RB26/RB25 engines, with customizable lengths available to meet your specific needs.


The Connecting Rod for Nissan RB26/RB25 Skyline is an essential component in the engine assembly. Designed to deliver outstanding performance, this rod offers maximum strength, superior endurance, and optimal piston movement.


  1. High-quality Material: Manufactured with high-strength forged steel for durability and resistance.
  2. Precision Engineering: CNC machined to ensure an exact fit for Nissan RB26/RB25 engines.
  3. Superior Endurance: Tested under extreme conditions for maximum longevity.
  4. Balanced Design: Offers consistent performance and smooth operation.
  5. Robust Construction: Structurally reinforced for additional strength and rigidity.
  6. Optimal Length: Specific length designed for optimal piston movement.
  7. Heat-treated: For extra hardness, improving rod lifespan.
  8. Direct Replacement: Designed to replace original components without modifications.
  9. Efficient Performance: Minimizes friction and enhances engine power output.
  10. Anti-corrosion: Coated for resistance against corrosion and wear.
  11. Weight Distribution: Excellent weight distribution for balanced operation.
  12. Streamlined Shape: Minimizes wind resistance for better performance.
  13. Tight Tolerances: Machined to exact specifications for a perfect fit.
  14. Lightweight: Provides increased performance without adding unnecessary weight.
  15. Bearing Compatibility: Ideal for use with standard and performance bearings.
  16. Reduced Vibration: Engineered to reduce noise and vibration for smoother operation.
  17. Quality Assurance: Rigorously tested for quality and performance.
  18. Easy Installation: Designed for simple, straightforward installation.
  19. Maintenance-free: Requires minimal upkeep for sustained performance.
  20. Customizable Length: Offers custom length options to meet individual requirements.

Connecting Rod Nissan RB26 / RB25 Skyline drawing



Specification Measurement
Rod Length 119.5mm
Big End Diameter 52mm
Small End Diameter 22mm
Big End Width 24.9mm
Small End Width 22mm
Weight 580g

Please note that custom sizes can be made to order based on specific requirements.


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