Connecting Rod Nissan GTR R35 VR38DETT


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This product, the Connecting Rod for Nissan GTR R35 VR38DETT, is a precision-crafted component designed to enhance engine performance and efficiency. Manufactured from aerospace-grade 4340 forged steel, it’s heat-treated for superior strength and durability. It perfectly balances alignment and weight, thus optimizing horsepower and torque. Rigorously tested, this connecting rod meets high-performance standards while fitting seamlessly into the VR38DETT engine.


  1. Aerospace-grade Material: Manufactured from 4340 forged steel for superior strength.
  2. Heat-treated Durability: Rigorously heat-treated for ultimate stress resistance.
  3. Precision Design: CNC machined for perfect alignment and balance.
  4. Optimized Weight: Featherweight build for enhanced engine efficiency.
  5. High Tolerance Levels: Withstands extreme power levels without deformation.
  6. Exceptional Performance: Helps to optimize engine horsepower and torque.
  7. Premium Surface Finish: Reduces friction and improves lubrication.
  8. Reliable Dimensions: Designed to exact OEM specifications (144.3mm).
  9. Quality Assurance: 100% Magnaflux inspected for quality control.
  10. Horsepower Boost: Facilitates horsepower improvements up to 800HP.
  11. Advanced Technology: Utilizes shot-peening technology for durability.
  12. Easy Installation: Ready-to-install design for hassle-free setup.
  13. Engine Compatibility: Designed specifically for the VR38DETT engine.
  14. Rigorous Testing: Each rod tested to meet high-performance standards.
  15. Capped Ends: Bronze bushed for floating pin for added strength.
  16. Load Endurance: Capable of enduring high RPM environments.
  17. Bolt Strength: Comes with high-tensile ARP2000 bolts for a secure fit.
  18. Smooth Operation: Reduced crankshaft stress for smooth engine operation.
  19. Greater Thrust: Allows for increased thrust in high compression engines.
  20. Premium Packaging: Shipped with protective casing for damage prevention.


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