Connecting Rod Nissan 3.0L VR38 DETT (Pro Series)


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The Connecting Rod Nissan 3.0L VR38 DETT (Pro Series) offers unparalleled performance and durability. Engineered with aerospace-grade chromoly steel, the rod is precisely balanced and heat-treated to withstand high RPMs. Its optimal dimensions and lightweight design ensure improved horsepower, while top-tier ARP 2000 fasteners secure its structure. Ideal for Nissan 3.0L VR38 DETT engines, it’s an essential part for achieving peak engine performance.


  1. Superior Strength: Crafted with aerospace-grade 4340 chromoly steel for extreme durability.
  2. Lightweight Design: Weighs only 635 grams for reduced reciprocating mass.
  3. Precision Balanced: To within +/- 1 gram per set for optimal engine performance.
  4. Increased Stroke Ratio: Offers an improved stroke ratio to boost power output.
  5. Designed for VR38 Engines: Specifically designed to fit Nissan 3.0L VR38 DETT engines.
  6. Heat-Treated: Processed for enhanced hardness and longevity.
  7. Optimized Dimensions: Length of 121.5mm to suit the VR38 engine structure.
  8. High RPM Capabilities: Engineered for high-revving performance at up to 10,000 RPM.
  9. Magnaflux Inspected: Ensures rod integrity and reliability under stress.
  10. CNC Machined: For precision and consistency in every piece.
  11. Dimensionally Inspected: Every aspect carefully measured for perfect fitment.
  12. Shot Peened: For increased fatigue life and reduced stress risers.
  13. Bronze Wrist Pin Bushings: Improve durability and reduce friction.
  14. ARP 2000 Bolts: Secured with top-tier ARP 2000 fasteners for maximum strength.
  15. Optimal Big End Width: 24.9mm for maximized rod bearing life.
  16. Pro Series Grade: Meets the rigorous standards of the Pro Series.
  17. Resistant to Wear: Capable of withstanding high heat and pressure conditions.
  18. Increased Horsepower: Enables improved horsepower and torque.
  19. Direct Replacement: Easy to install with a direct fitment design.
  20. Quality Assurance: Backed by rigorous quality control measures.


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