Connecting Rod Nissan 2.0L SR20 DET/DE HD Series


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The Connecting Rod Nissan 2.0L SR20 DET/DE HD Series is a high-performance, meticulously engineered product designed to increase durability and reduce weight for maximum engine performance. Precision made, it ensures top-tier reliability in high-stress environments.


  1. Premium Material: Made from high-strength 4340 Chromoly Steel.
  2. Exceptional Durability: Ensures long-lasting performance.
  3. Precision Manufactured: Guarantees accurate alignment.
  4. Lightweight Design: Reduces engine load.
  5. Heat Treated: Enhances strength and longevity.
  6. Polished Shafts: Minimizes friction.
  7. Size-Specific: Fits Nissan 2.0L SR20 DET/DE engines.
  8. HD Series: For high-demand applications.
  9. Optimized Weight: Improves engine balance.
  10. Advanced Technology: Manufactured using modern machinery.
  11. Dimensionally Accurate: Precision made for exact fit.
  12. Rigorously Tested: Ensures consistent performance.
  13. High Tensile Strength: Withstands high RPM.
  14. Increased Power Output: Boosts engine efficiency.
  15. CNC Machined: Ensures high precision production.
  16. Balanced to Perfection: For smooth engine operation.
  17. Stress-Resistant: Designed for high-stress environments.
  18. Optimum Compatibility: Perfect match for SR20 engines.
  19. Quality Inspected: Meets strict quality standards.
  20. Reliable Performance: Proven record in high-performance applications.


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