Connecting Rod Nissan 1.8L CA18


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The Connecting Rod for Nissan 1.8L CA18 is a superior, high-performance component designed to enhance your engine’s performance. Precision crafted from high-grade EN24 4340 chromoly steel, it offers unmatched strength and durability. Its dimensions are optimized for the Nissan 1.8L CA18 engine, allowing for a precise fit and improved power output. With a lightweight design and advanced machining, this rod provides smooth operation, improved power output, and greater efficiency.


  1. High Quality Material: Crafted from EN24 4340 chromoly steel for superior durability.
  2. Improved Power Output: Designed to increase horsepower and torque.
  3. Optimized Dimensions: Length of 133mm, enabling optimal performance.
  4. Precision Machining: Perfectly balanced for smooth operation.
  5. Increased Tensile Strength: Offers greater than 220,000 PSI yield strength.
  6. High Fatigue Resistance: Engineered for extended, high-rpm use.
  7. Weight Advantage: Lightweight design for faster engine response.
  8. Balanced Design: All rods are balanced within ±1 gram.
  9. Optimal Stroke Ratio: Enhances engine efficiency and power.
  10. Improved Bearing Surface: Reduces friction and improves efficiency.
  11. Greater Reliability: Exceptional performance in high-performance applications.
  12. CNC Machined: Guarantees exacting tolerances.
  13. Performance Tested: Each rod is 100% magnaflux inspected.
  14. Superior Heat Treatment: Ensures longevity under high-stress conditions.
  15. Doweled Caps: Promotes precise cap alignment.
  16. Increased Piston Speed: Enhances engine performance and response.
  17. Engine Compatibility: Specifically designed for the Nissan 1.8L CA18 engine.
  18. Premium Bronze Wrist Pin Bushings: Reduces wear for long-term durability.
  19. Optimal Compression Ratio: Improves power output and efficiency.
  20. Perfect Fitment: Ensures easy installation and alignment.


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