Connecting Rod Mini Cooper 2.0L N20


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The Connecting Rod for the Mini Cooper 2.0L N20 engine is a top-quality, performance-boosting component. Expertly crafted from forged steel, this rod provides unparalleled strength, durability, and consistency. Precision engineered with CNC machining and diamond-like carbon coating, it promotes optimal performance, lowers friction, and enhances lubrication. Tested to endure high RPMs, it offers increased responsiveness and peak efficiency. The lightweight design, direct fit, and advanced oil channel further make it a superior choice for engine upgrading.


  1. Optimized Length: Ideal for 2.0L N20 engines.
  2. High Strength Material: Made from forged steel for durability.
  3. Weight Balanced: Each rod is weight-matched for consistency.
  4. Endurance Tested: Proven to endure high RPM conditions.
  5. Reduced Friction: Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated for low friction.
  6. Exceptional Tolerance: Maintains shape under extreme pressure.
  7. CNC Machined: Ensures perfect alignment and fit.
  8. Lightweight Design: Reduces overall engine weight.
  9. Enhanced Durability: Heat-treated for maximum strength.
  10. Advanced Oil Channel: For better lubrication.
  11. Performance Boost: Increases engine responsiveness.
  12. Precision Forging: Guarantees superior structure.
  13. Quality Assurance: Rigorously tested for reliability.
  14. Direct Fit: Designed for seamless installation.
  15. Improved Rigidity: Resists bending and flexing.
  16. Nitride Coated: For enhanced corrosion resistance.
  17. Peak Efficiency: Promotes optimal engine performance.
  18. Dimensional Accuracy: Strict size and weight standards.
  19. Maintenance Friendly: Requires minimal upkeep.
  20. Warranty Included: Backed by a manufacturer guarantee.


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