Connecting Rod Mini Cooper 2.0L F Series (B48 Engine)


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The Connecting Rod for Mini Cooper 2.0L F Series (B48 Engine) by FEDA is a high-performance, customizable component. Built from 4340 EN24 steel, it ensures durability and strength. The rod features precision dimensions and an advanced oiling system for optimum performance under high RPM conditions.


  1. Customizable Length: Rod length is customizable to meet specific needs.
  2. 145 mm Rod: Standard center-to-center length is 145 mm.
  3. High Strength Material: Constructed from 4340 EN24 steel for added strength.
  4. Big End Bore: Features a 55 mm big end bore diameter.
  5. Small End Bore: Designed with a 24 mm small end bore diameter.
  6. Stress Resistance: Enhanced resistance to stress and pressure.
  7. Advanced Heat Treatment: Undergoes multi-stage heat treatment for durability.
  8. Nitriding Process: Nitriding process enhances surface hardness.
  9. Shot-peened Finish: Shot-peened to relieve material stress.
  10. Magnifluxed for Flaws: Inspected for imperfections through magnifluxing.
  11. Floating Pin Design: Small end bushed for a fully floating pin.
  12. Big End Bearing: Designed to accommodate high-performance bearings.
  13. Efficient Oiling System: Well-designed oiling system for high RPM conditions.
  14. Big End Width: Features a 26 mm big end width.
  15. Small End Width: Small end width measures 22 mm.
  16. Superior Performance: Ensures optimal engine performance.
  17. Quality Construction: Precision engineering guarantees perfect fit.
  18. Extended Lifespan: Designed for a longer service life.
  19. Ideal for B48 Engine: Perfect for Mini Cooper 2.0L F Series B48 Engine.
  20. From FEDA: Manufactured by leading brand FEDA.


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