Connecting Rod Honda F22 / F24


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The Connecting Rod Honda F22 / F24 is a high-quality, precision-engineered component that provides superior performance in Honda F22 and F24 engines. Its advanced design maximizes force distribution and minimizes friction, leading to smoother operation and increased durability.


  1. High Tensile Strength: Made from high-grade steel for increased durability.
  2. Precision Engineered: Ensures exact fitment for Honda F22/F24.
  3. Lightweight Design: Optimizes engine performance without adding excess weight.
  4. Enhanced Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of high-performance engines.
  5. Corrosion Resistant: Special coating protects against rust and wear.
  6. Optimized Geometry: Enhances force distribution for improved performance.
  7. Balanced Weight: Promotes smoother engine operation.
  8. Heat Treated: For enhanced hardness and longevity.
  9. Direct OEM Replacement: No modification required for installation.
  10. Bolt Length Precision: Exact fitment for secure connections.
  11. Fatigue Resistance: Capable of enduring prolonged high-RPM operation.
  12. Reduced Friction: Design to minimize internal engine wear.
  13. CNC Machined: Ensures precise dimensions and high-quality finish.
  14. Strict Quality Control: Each rod is inspected to meet exact specifications.
  15. Silicon Bronze Bushings: Reduces heat and increases lubricity.
  16. Increased Horsepower Handling: Designed to manage the power output of high-performance engines.
  17. Alignment Sleeves: Precise rod cap alignment.
  18. 3D Design Verification: Guarantees perfect fitment every time.
  19. Laser Etched Part Numbers: For easy identification and replacement.
  20. Reinforced Rib Structure: Provides extra strength and reduces deformation.


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