Connecting Rod HONDA DIO, SK-50 W/W, TKRJ BH0040B


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The Connecting Rod HONDA DIO, SK-50 W/W, TKRJ BH0040B is a top-quality component for Honda DIO and SK-50 motorcycles. Made from high-grade steel, it facilitates efficient force transmission from piston to crankshaft, enhancing engine performance and durability.

Connecting Rod HONDA DIO, SK-50 W/W, TKRJ BH0040B

The Connecting Rod HONDA DIO, SK-50 W/W, TKRJ BH0040B is a high-quality connecting rod, specifically designed for Honda DIO and SK-50 motorcycles. This robust component ensures reliable transmission of force from the piston to the crankshaft, offering optimum engine performance.


Specification Detail
Material High-Grade Steel
Application Honda DIO, SK-50 W/W
Engine Model TKRJ BH0040B
Length 120 mm
Big End Diameter 42 mm
Small End Diameter 22 mm
Weight 300 grams
Customizable Yes

Connecting Rod drawing


  1. Robust Construction: Made of high-grade steel for maximum durability.
  2. Precise Fit: Customizable dimensions ensure a perfect fit for your engine model.
  3. Improved Performance: Enhances the smooth operation of your motorcycle’s engine.
  4. Engine Compatibility: Specifically designed for the TKRJ BH0040B engine model.
  5. Superior Conductivity: Optimal force transmission from piston to crankshaft.
  6. Lightweight: Weighing just 300 grams, it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your engine.
  7. Corrosion-Resistant: Made to resist wear and tear, prolonging the rod’s lifespan.
  8. Quality Assurance: Rigorously tested to meet stringent quality standards.
  9. Efficient Operation: Designed for efficient energy transfer.
  10. Reliable Performance: Consistently delivers excellent engine performance.
  11. High Strength: Withstands high forces and pressures within the engine.
  12. Ease of Installation: Engineered for a straightforward installation process.
  13. Versatile Application: Ideal for Honda DIO, SK-50 W/W motorcycles.
  14. Dimensional Accuracy: Ensures perfect fit and superior performance.
  15. Optimal Length: 120mm length ensures the perfect leverage ratio.
  16. Customization Available: You can have the product tailored to your specific requirements.
  17. Balanced Design: Carefully balanced for smooth engine operation.
  18. Thermal Resistance: Can withstand high engine temperatures without deforming.
  19. Long Life Span: Due to its robust construction and quality materials.
  20. Cost-Effective: A high-quality product that offers great value for money.


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