Connecting Rod Ford Duratec 2.0L 16v


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The Connecting Rod for Ford Duratec 2.0L 16v is an integral component designed to fit seamlessly into the Ford Duratec engine. This high-quality rod, crafted with precision from 4340 forged steel, offers improved power, balanced weight, and enhanced durability, all while promoting fuel efficiency and smoother operation.


  1. Optimized Fit: Designed specifically for Ford Duratec 2.0L 16v engines.
  2. High-Strength Material: Constructed from robust 4340 forged steel.
  3. Precision Crafted: Machined to a 0.01mm tolerance for superior alignment.
  4. Lightweight Design: Minimal weight for efficient engine operation.
  5. Enhanced Power: Improves engine power through superior assembly.
  6. Balanced Weight: Precisely balanced to +/- 1 gram.
  7. High Load Capacity: Designed for high engine loads, enhancing performance.
  8. Long Lasting: Durability assured due to high-quality materials and production.
  9. Optimal Length: Standardized length for perfect piston connection.
  10. Quality Assurance: Meets stringent quality control standards.
  11. Increased Torque: Enhances engine torque for better performance.
  12. Friction-Reducing Finish: Specialized finish reduces internal engine friction.
  13. Heat Treated: Heat-treated for maximum strength and durability.
  14. Rigorous Testing: Passed multiple rounds of stringent performance testing.
  15. Fuel Efficiency: Promotes better fuel efficiency.
  16. Thrust Face Design: Unique thrust face design for superior load handling.
  17. Smooth Operation: Promotes smoother and quieter engine operation.
  18. Increased HP Output: Allows for enhanced horsepower output.
  19. Lubrication Improvement: Features design elements that improve lubrication.
  20. Rust Resistance: Treated for high resistance to rust and corrosion.


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