Connecting Rod Ford Cosworth 2.0L YB / 5NB


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The FEDA Connecting Rod for Ford Cosworth 2.0L YB / 5NB is an integral engine component. Made from high-strength forged alloy, it reduces engine load and improves performance. It also features precise dimensions, a corrosion-resistant coating, and a unique design for optimal efficiency and durability.


  1. Engineered Material: Crafted from high-strength forged alloy.
  2. Designed for Precision: Perfectly fits Ford Cosworth 2.0L YB / 5NB engines.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: Offers excellent resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.
  4. Lightweight Design: Reduces engine load for optimized performance.
  5. Improved Power: Stabilizes performance and boosts vehicle power.
  6. Wear Resistant: Exceptionally strong resistance to wear and tear.
  7. Efficient Transmission: Enhances power performance with its efficient transmission.
  8. High Precision: Ensures exact dimensions and angle control.
  9. Fatigue Resistant: Built to resist fatigue and enhance durability.
  10. Balanced Operation: Provides accurate weight distribution for balanced operation.
  11. Quality Assured: Undergoes strict quality control for product longevity.
  12. Noise Reduction: Excellent vibration resistance to minimize noise.
  13. Extended Life: High-performance lubricant coating for extended product life.
  14. Easy Installation: Precise dimensions for hassle-free installation.
  15. Enhanced Strength: Treated with high-frequency heat to enhance rod strength.
  16. Minimized Wear: Smooth rod bearing surfaces to decrease wear.
  17. Improved Efficiency: Advanced rod design for increased operational efficiency.
  18. Assured Durability: High-quality construction for dependable long-term use.
  19. Superior Performance: Delivers superior engine performance under various conditions.
  20. Product Warranty: Backed by FEDA‘s trusted warranty for customer peace of mind.


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