Billet Crankshaft Turbo Tuff for Evo 4-9 & 7-Bolt DSM


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The Billet Crankshaft Turbo Tuff for Evo 4-9 & 7-Bolt DSM is a high-performance component designed for turbo-charged applications. Made from durable billet steel, it optimizes engine efficiency and power output while offering customizable dimensions for a precise fit.

Billet Crankshaft Turbo Tuff for Evo 4-9 & 7-Bolt DSM

Crafted for precision performance, the Billet Crankshaft Turbo Tuff for Evo 4-9 & 7-Bolt DSM integrates advanced engineering for enhanced durability. Made for turbo-charged applications, it is the ultimate companion for high-performance engines.


Specification Detail
Material Billet Steel
Application Evo 4-9 & 7-Bolt DSM
Engine Code 4G63
Main Journal Diameter 60 mm
Rod Journal Diameter 51.6 mm
Crankshaft Length 650 mm
Stroke 88 mm
Weight 19.8 kg
Customizable Yes

Please note that dimensions can be customized to match specific application needs.

Crankshaft drawing


  1. Robust Billet Steel Construction: Provides superior durability and strength.
  2. Designed for Evo 4-9 & 7-Bolt DSM: Ensures optimal compatibility and fit.
  3. Engineered for 4G63 Engines: Delivers exceptional performance.
  4. Main Journal Diameter of 60mm: Guarantees a precise fit.
  5. Rod Journal Diameter of 51.6mm: Enables efficient operation.
  6. 650mm Crankshaft Length: Ideal for a broad range of applications.
  7. 88mm Stroke: Promotes superior engine efficiency.
  8. Weight of 19.8 kg: Allows for balanced operation.
  9. High Turbo Compatibility: Ideal for turbo-charged applications.
  10. High-quality Finish: Ensures reduced friction and wear.
  11. Enhanced Heat Dissipation: Minimizes thermal stress and wear.
  12. Customizable Dimensions: Cater to specific application needs.
  13. Precision Engineered: For optimal balance and alignment.
  14. Ideal for High-Performance Engines: Meets rigorous performance demands.
  15. Superior Balance: Ensures smooth and quiet engine operation.
  16. Long Service Life: Thanks to durable billet steel construction.
  17. Easy Installation: Facilitates quick and hassle-free setup.
  18. Resistant to Corrosion and Wear: For extended usability.
  19. Improved Engine Efficiency: With balanced weight and stroke length.
  20. Optimized Power Transfer: Ensures maximum power output from your engine.

This Billet Crankshaft Turbo Tuff not only satisfies the highest performance standards but also offers the advantage of customizability, allowing for an unparalleled degree of precision and fit for your specific engine requirements.


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